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How Komodo achieves double-digit growth rates in the long term.

How Komodo achieves double-digit growth rates in the long term


In 2014, Mark Bloom, the owner and founder of Komodo, realised that important changes needed to be made. The old shop system was no longer up to date, customer behaviour had changed rapidly over the last few years. Instead of selling only through wholesalers, direct sales through the company's own brand online shop became more and more important. End consumers became more and more demanding, they want a large product selection and they expect perfect service. Since Komodo as a small company could not build up an e-commerce team, they found the perfect solution in the cooperation with Greenblut: the monthly Greenblut service package Growth Sprints


As is common with many independent smaller brands, Komodo's marketing manager has many tasks to manage. E-commerce is just one area of many. How could Komodo develop a growing e-commerce business step by step with the existing team ? And without inflating the cost structure ? How was Komodo able to identify the really effective measures in a confusing market and implement them quickly and purposefully?


After the sales with the old Komodo store system stagnated after a long growth phase, the management decided after an analysis with Greenblut to implement a redesign based on the Shopify platform.Subsequently, via the Greenblut growth sprint package in close cooperation, growth potentials were tracked down, prioritized and implemented in monthly sprints.

TONY MOUNTFORD, Komodo Marketing Director
"Thanks to Greenblut's experience, we are growing steadily and much faster. Furthermore, we concentrate on a few important measures."
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