Growth and strategy development for Lebenskleidung

How living clothes bring about big changes with targeted measures.

How Living Clothes brings about big changes with targeted measures


Lebenskleidung is a problem solver for sustainable fashion brands. The company for ecologically certified fabrics started in 2009 in a one-room flat in Prenzlauer Berg. In the meantime, Lebenskleidung has grown dynamically and has become a permanent fixture on the ethical fashion scene. The extraordinary concept enables designers and fashion creators to purchase even small quantities of fabric from stock and to grow in partnership with Lebenskleidung.



As a fast-growing company, Lebenskleidung's complexity and number of tasks increased extremely. To ensure the availability of certified fabrics, the company manages care-intensive supply chains with manufacturers all over the world. But in addition to this demanding task, the areas of e-commerce and digital marketing became increasingly important and labour-intensive. The question was: How can we work efficiently and effectively, what ballast can we throw off without disrupting the growth dynamic?


During a one-day workshop, as well as intensive preparation and follow-up, the most important goals, measures and areas of tension were discussed. Together, the implementation priorities for the coming year were defined and determined. The priority of the new strategy was to establish time- and resource-saving working methods that function smoothly despite complex processes. For example, through the introduction of efficient and time-saving tools such as "Marketing Automation", many recurring standard processes could be automated.

"Through the measures developed during the workshop, we were able to get significantly more visitors to our website who were specifically looking for high-quality certified fabrics."
Online growth.
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