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Greenblut FM Episode 14: Dietrich Weigel / Goodsociety

What fashion has to do with our society. Dietrich Weigel is the owner of the sustainable denim label goodsociety. Born in Hamburg, Dietrich has lived and worked in Florence, Italy for many years. goodsociety produces vegan jeans from certified organic cotton. The entire collection is manufactured in selected family businesses in Italy.
Dietrich Weigel

goodsociety also supports NGOs such as Treedom or the SA Foundation.

goodsociety was born out of the conviction to rethink fashion and to put the world and people at the centre. The aim is to make the best possible product, to cause no unnecessary harm, to inspire others and to inspire solutions that make a better life possible for everyone.

In this episode we talk about:

  • a new economy
  • what is the GOTS standard
  • Made in Italy
  • A balance is part of a good society
  • The goodsociety design philosophy
  • The founding story of goodsociety
  • Should I start a brand after studying design
  • Real experience as a prerequisite for successful self-employment
  • How to survive despite vertical brands like H+M and Zara
  • Cooperation with non-profit organisations
  • What makes a good society ?
  • Sustainability as a conscience-quencher
  • Is H+M an example of greenwashing
  • is the textile alliance a successful model ?
  • Transparency as an important selection criterion

Links mentioned in this episode


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Textile Alliance

Thank you for listening!