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Greenblut FM Episode 15: Jan Kristof Arndt / Trendinnovation

What will the world of tomorrow look like? And what does that mean for your company This is the question our guest today, Jan Kristof Arndt, addresses. Jan Kristof is the founder and managing director of Trendinnovation, a company for trend and innovation consulting.
Jan Kristof Arndt

How can I prepare for the future as an entrepreneur?

Why is it so difficult to be innovative?

What is the connection between trends and innovations? These are just some of the questions we will answer in this talk.

In this episode we talk about:

  • Delineation of trends and innovations
  • Revolutionary Ideas vs Evolutionary Ideas
  • Prejudices and misconceptions about trend consulting
  • Differences between start-ups, SMEs and corporations
  • Fear of change in companies
  • Definition Megatrends
  • Can we handle extreme changes
  • How does a trend consultation work
  • How start-ups can use trend consulting
  • Attention Economy
  • Preto-types and prototypes and the role of feedback
  • Why specialisation is important
  • Why the future can be shaped
  • Why you should learn programming
  • Why science fiction is underestimated

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