Greenblood Podcast

Greenblood FM Episode 19: Claudia Lanius

Sustainable success story. Claudia Lanius has done pioneering work. As early as the 1990s, she recognised the signs of the times and set out to find fair and responsible producers.
Claudia Lanius

The cornerstones of the brand are: Ecological materials in harmony with fair working conditions, feminine silhouettes and a perfect fit.

In today's podcast I try to get to the bottom of Claudia Lanius' secrets of success. Among other things, we talk about:

  • Support from a mentor
  • how Claudia learns to solve problems
  • THC The Hemp Company
  • Business idea hemp
  • Eco fashion in the 90s.
  • Supplier contacts and collection development
  • own material development
  • Know and use your own strengths
  • Team development 60 female employees and 1 male


Thank you very much for listening!