Storytelling in business: The 4 best TED Talks + Videos

Why storytelling can be so important for your business.

Corporate stories are often yawningly boring..... Smooth phrases peppered with buzzwords reduce our ability to concentrate to the level of a housefly in a fraction of a second. The demands on storytellers are increasing mainly because there are more and more stories vying for our attention.Every year many thousands of films, books and videos fight for our attention. A few tell universal exciting magical stories that we can hardly escape.People love good stories. We all know from our own experience how difficult it can be to tell a story in such a way that our listeners are captivated. That's why you should listen to the masters of storytelling from time to time and learn what makes a good story. Let yourself be inspired by these 4 videos and learn why stories are also important for companies.


Andrew Stanton is a director and screenwriter at Pixar. Some of his most successful films are Finding Nemo and Wall-E. Stanton begins his lecture with a joke and theorises that storytelling is the art of telling a joke. Stanton explains why good stories should start with a promise...Andrew Stanton: The clues to a great story - YouTube

Video 2:

Columnist and journalist Dave Lieber tells us why sports are more popular than science and explains a simple formula for a gripping story. power of storytelling to change the world: Dave Lieber at TEDxSMU 2013 - YouTube

Video 3:

5 practical storytelling tips you can implement immediately.Composition In Storytelling - YouTube Tell A Great Story- 5 storytelling tips - YouTube

Video 4:

Finally, I recommend this video by the grand master of storytelling Robert McKee. If you want to learn more about the topic, I recommend Robert McKee's book Story.Robert McKee - The importance of story telling in Business - Seminar 29th November 2013 - YouTube how to find new customers with Social Media. Sign up for the free 5 day Mini Course Click here to subscribe.


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