10 resources for a successful digital marketing concept

We have therefore compiled 10 resources that can provide you with valuable information when creating or adapting your marketing concept.

Hardly any discipline has changed as quickly and fundamentally in recent years as marketing. Driven by digitalisation, the classic marketing concept has been supplemented by digital marketing concepts. Against this backdrop, small and medium-sized entrepreneurs in particular find it difficult to draw the right conclusions from the multitude of new marketing strategies and to implement them. Content marketing and inbound marketing in particular have seen enormous growth in recent years. Many small and medium-sized enterprises have difficulties with these new marketing disciplines.

We have therefore compiled 10 resources that can provide you with valuable information when creating or adapting your marketing concept.


is a magazine for digital business. Subscribe to the newsletter to get regular updates on innovations and trends in the digital world.

Where? www.tn3.de and as a print magazine in stores

2.Seth Godin

Is a US bestselling author and entrepreneur whose blog on marketing is always thought-provoking with short and http://sethgodin.typepad.com/ concise and inspiring articles.

Where? A short daily post on www.sethgodin.typepad.com

3.Institute for Futurology

Eike Wenzel is a futurologist and founder of the Institute for Trend and Future Research. He is also a regular columnist for WIWO Green, the sustainability portal of Wirtschaftswoche.

Where? at http://www.zukunftpassiert.de/

4.Google Primer  

Is an excellently made app that was developed as a pilot programme by Google. The English-language app contains a variety of short courses on the topics of advertising, content, measurement and strategy: Advertising, Content, Measurement and Strategy.The courses are very intuitive and divided into short clear lessons.

Where. At https://www.yourprimer.com/ as well as in the Android and Apple Appstore

5. Greenblood resources

We provide a wide range of information on our own website. Published so far are

6. Content Marketing Stack

Do you know the problem? You've read a report about an interesting marketing tool and now you can't remember the URL. Content Marketing Stack is a curated list of content marketing resources and tutorials that is constantly updated and clearly structured according to different topics.

Where. Easy to http://www.contentmarketingstack.co

7. Inbound.org

A comprehensive English-language forum with approx. 150,000 participants that deals with topics related to inbound marketing. The range of topics in the forums is very extensive and the community is also very helpful and open-minded.

Where. At www.inbound.org

8. Growthhackers

Is another forum that revolves around the topic of growth hacking. Growth hacking was developed by start-ups to promote the sales and growth of a company with the use of various tools and a large pinch of creativity. The "Growth Studies" section in particular provides insights into the mindset of a relatively young marketing discipline.

Where? http://growthhackers.com/welcome

9. Whiteboard Friday

Is a weekly video course on digital topics by Rand Fishkin, the founder and CEO of MOZ. Rand explains complex topics very clearly in front of his legendary whiteboard. I personally like the video format because especially complex problems can be explained very clearly.

Where? https://moz.com/blog/category/whiteboard-friday

10.Hubspot Blog German

In the German Hubspot blog there are a lot of current tips and help that are also suitable for beginners.

Where? http://blog.hubspot.de/marketing


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