Of heroes and values: storytelling for companies

Of heroes and values: storytelling for companies

Stories captivate, fascinate, enthral, shake people up....Whoever wants to give people experiences tells them a story, and whoever wants to convey facts embeds them in a story so that they stick.Stories help to understand, collections of facts bore. This is true in literature as well as in marketing. From cave drawings to the internet - the tradition of storytelling People long for entertainment, they always have. Because humans want to be told stories, the tradition of storytelling can be traced back to the dawn of every culture on earth. Ten thousand years ago, anyone who wanted to relive stories of mammoth hunting had to visit a cave and study the drawings on the walls by the light of a torch. (Take a digital walk through the Lascaux cave here).With the invention of writing, and later of printing, history became mobile.Today we tell and disseminate stories in a multimedia and interactive way.

Modern storytellers play the keyboard of new media. With their digital tools, they combine writing and sound, moving and still images to create ever new narratives.

Create transparency: Who are you, what do you stand for, what drives you?

For companies, there is no more powerful tool than storytelling to address and engage target groups.

Thanks to social media, customers and companies are closer than ever before. Your company should also use this closeness for its own benefit. Not for a barrage of advertising messages, which is off-putting, but for authentic communication.

Get yourself into the conversation by making transparent who you are, what you stand for, what drives you.

You'll be amazed how quickly word of your story gets around.
Strengthen the bond between your company and your customers

Modern marketing presents companies by highlighting the story of the company, its products and services in multimedia and on multiple platforms.stories convey values, transparency creates trust. If a consumer finds himself in the values of your company, he feels connected to you.

Whoever conserves resources should report on it

Sustainability in particular should not just be a label, not just an abstract term: expose the substance of the word, make your sustainable actions vivid. The best way to achieve this is to tell stories about your products and their origins, for example in your company blog. (Read here what you need for a successful corporate blog).Anyone who conserves resources, protects life and values justice should tell about it.

Aristotle's "Poetics", the Bible of Storytelling

Plot, setting, characters. The Greek philosopher Aristotle outlined the basic principle of every story almost 2,500 years ago. To this day, the surviving parts of his Werk's "Poetics" as the bible of storytelling. But Aristotle did not invent storytelling, that had been around for a long time, he only wrote down the principles that storytellers have been following since time immemorial: In its substance, every story can always be reduced to a hero who must overcome obstacles to reach a goal. Be it the hunter who confronts a mammoth or the entrepreneur for whom sustainable action is as urgent a concern as profit alone is for others.

The audience is already there and they want to be entertained

Companies that make sustainability a core value of their work have many heroes in their ranks. Look around your ranks and use the possibilities of our multimedia world to tell and spread the stories of these heroes in the corporate blog. The audience has long been there, and they are yearning to be entertained. Companies just need to captivate, fascinate, engage and stir them up.


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