Win more customers by combining storytelling and sustainability

Sustainability and storytelling

Do you ever wonder how your company's commitment to environmental CSR and sustainability practices could also impact your sales? If you want to build a successful business today, you need to touch the hearts of customers and win them over through your storytelling and their story. Here's how it works:

Tell us why...

You have chosen a green company for a reason. They are committed to environmental and sustainability issues and want to make good choices. Likewise, environmentally conscious customers will be able to identify with your company if you describe how your company has developed these strategies, products and services. Social networks that focus on users' personal stories are best for this. So share your "why" so that the customer decides to follow your path and support your company.

Know your customers

Who are the people most likely to become your customers? Although this has always been a crucial factor in business management, its importance is even greater today. Knowing the characteristics of your customers helps you tailor the presentation of your story, products and services to what they want. One way to really get to know your customers is to develop so-called buyer personas as part of an inbound marketing strategy. In the picture you can see the application of the free Personapp Why not experiment and think intensively about your customers?

Impart knowledge to your customer

Today's customer is bombarded with news and information. However, you can stand out from the crowd by making your website content more informative and exciting than your competitors. By making your website more informative, you can give your customers a better insight into your products and services, and make them feel reliable and trustworthy. One of the best ways to achieve this goal is a regularly maintained company blog. Learn in this article We will show you the effort you should calculate and whether a blog is suitable for your company.

Customised content shows your appreciation to the customer

Custom content makes it possible for customers to be greeted personally when they open your website, or to receive recommendations based on their search history. This not only ensures that your customers see content that is relevant to them, it also suggests that you are interested in their personal experience with your business. Please note, however, that too much personalisation can also be viewed critically. Especially in Germany, the issue of data protection plays a very important role. Make sure to obtain your visitors' consent before any personalisation.

Green business growth requires personal commitment

In the past, companies had to resort to email lists and cold calling. Today, your customers can find you on the internet, which means that inbound marketing is becoming more and more important. So make sure your website tells your personal story and experience in a compelling way, as this is the most effective way to promote an environmentally friendly business.


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