5 marketing ideas that can create growth for your sustainable business.

Use techniques from storytelling

Your story of how and why you became an environmentally sustainable business, and how you manage to maintain this status, is your greatest weapon in the battle for attention and customer loyalty. Write a company blog about your work as a green company, presenting your beginnings and visions for the future and describing where your company is right now.

A picture says more than a thousand words - and is liked even more often

Images make up a large part of social media. So use powerful photos to illustrate your story. Better yet, don't just point out how environmentally friendly your company is, but also show how committed you and your employees are to protecting the environment, be it in everyday life or through your company's charitable activities.

Let your personality work for you

Although customers can certainly be impressed by good products and services, you will achieve even stronger customer loyalty if you give them the opportunity to get to know the people behind the product. Do you have some outstanding employees? Enable contact between your customers and employees, creating a friendly relationship by publishing little stories about yourself.

Using video as a part of storytelling

Shooting videos will attract a lot of attention. Encourage your employees to film themselves using your products or services, and then upload these videos to YouTube. And remember: the more special and creative, the better. You can even hold a competition and ask customers to make and post videos about your product. The grand prize is a visit to your head office. Film this visit too and post it on the internet to give your customers the feeling of having met you in person.

Get your customers to promote you

You can achieve this by uploading content to your website that is easy to share on Pinterest, Facebook or via other social networks. Also create icons that make it easier for the customer to share content. You can even create incentives for the customer that can translate into sales by offering them a gift or discount if they share your content.


The old advertising strategies like cold calling no longer work as well as they once did. Nowadays, customers search for products and services online, and choose the company that promotes values they can trust. You can do this by combining storytelling techniques with small text, image and video files that customers can share. Use your website for inbound marketing and tell your story in blogs, pictures and videos. On our own website at https://greenblut.com/blog/ we have installed a 2-language corporate blog that contains not only text contributions but also videos and infographics, Podcasts and infographics.

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