4 success factors for your corporate blog

How much work do I have to do to successfully attract interested parties and customers with my company blog?

A corporate blog involves considerable effort and work.

One question we get asked very often in connection with corporate blogs is:

How much work do I have to do to successfully attract interested parties and customers with my company blog?

Is it enough if I blog once a month, or do I have to publish content several times a week?

Our partner Hubspot wanted to know exactly and conducted a study with over 7000 companies that operate a company blog. The number of websites and landing pages, the number of blogposts and the activities on Twitter and Facebook were analysed. The results of the following chart are captured by standardised index numbers to make the results of 7000 companies comparable.

Let's start with the first question: How much (more) work do I have to do to win customers?

In order to arrive at an answer, Hubspot examined the number of websites (website pages) of a company. As an active blogger, I automatically create a new website with every new blog post. The study investigated how the number of websites affects a company's traffic.

The graph above clearly shows that the number of web pages (articles) has an enormous influence on the traffic index (the number of visitors). Up to a threshold of about 300 pages, the growth is linear and then increases to an exponential growth curve.

We realise that it doesn't help much to publish a blog post here and there. The amount of content has a strong influence on the number of visitors. We can see the effects of the number of pages even more clearly in the following statistics

Especially in the B2C sector, the exponential growth potential becomes apparent with the increasing number of websites. Comprehensive sites with a lot of content have a clear advantage.

In the last chart, we now look at the sizes of companies. We see that especially small companies with 1-10 employees benefit strongly from a high number of websites and blogposts.

In summary, the results make it clear that corporate blogs are particularly worthwhile if relevant content is created regularly and over a longer period of time. If you assume that you publish 2 blogposts per week, then you come to 104 new posts per year. Within 3 years, 300 posts will add up that are linked to your company pages. The big advantage of a company blog compared to print marketing is the increasing value of the content. While print content fizzles out after a short period of time, blog content brings traffic and prospects to your company page over longer periods of time. If these posts are also optimised for the most important keywords of your brand, they will generate visitors, leads and ultimately new customers with increasing duration.

In summary, the following conclusions can be drawn from the results:

1. regular content: The more frequently and regularly you maintain your company blog, the faster your visitor numbers will increase.

2. long-term planning: To achieve dynamic growth, you need 300-400 websites. Think of your blogposts as long-term investments in your business, as good posts will continue to generate traffic for years. After a certain number of posts, you can achieve exponential growth (instead of linear growth). If you manage to publish 2 blogposts per week, you will generate 104 websites per year.

4. find your niche: if you focus on the right niche, you can achieve sustainable inbound traffic even as a small business. therefore, it is especially important to analyse this niche before starting the blog and set regular SMART goals.


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