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Arifoglu Bazaar - The best Turkish products in your home

Arifoglu Bazaar is not just an online store; it is an experience that awakens the senses and takes you on a culinary journey through the Orient. With a handpicked selection of spices, teas and other delicacies, Arifoglu Bazaar brings a piece of authentic culture directly to your home.

Our mission with Arifoglu Bazaar

Our collaboration with Arifoglu Bazaar aimed to make the brand more visible in the digital world while highlighting the company's unique story and values.

Klaviyo - Your personal Bazar ambassador

With Klaviyo, we developed a customized email marketing strategy that goes far beyond standard newsletters. Through targeted segmentation and personalized messaging, we were able to strengthen customer loyalty and boost sales. Klaviyo enabled us to send the right messages at the right time and turned every click into a journey of discovery.

Growth consulting - for Arifoglu Bazaar

Our growth consulting for Arifoglu Bazaar was like a compass that guided the brand through the complex terrain of the digital landscape. We conducted a comprehensive analysis and based on that, developed a strategy that increased both online presence and sales. From SEO optimization to social media campaigns, we pulled out all the stops to put Arifoglu Bazaar on the map of the digital world.

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