Growth Consulting, Klaviyo Marketing Automation

Jungle Folk - Where sustainability meets style

Jungle Folk is not just a fashion brand; it is a movement for sustainable and conscious fashion. With a unique blend of timeless designs and sustainable materials, Jungle Folk has established itself as a pioneer in the sustainable fashion industry.

Our collaboration with Jungle Folk

We have supported Jungle Folk in several areas to take their online business to the next level.

Growth Consulting - Your Style Guide to Success

Our experts developed a comprehensive growth strategy for Jungle Folk. From optimizing the customer journey to implementing sustainable marketing strategies, we took a holistic approach to help grow the brand. With our expertise, Jungle Folk was able to strengthen its online presence and increase sales.

Marketing Automation with Klaviyo - Automate your Style

In addition to growth consulting, we also implemented Klaviyo Marketing Automation. With intelligent flows and personalized messages, we developed an effective communication strategy. This enabled personalized communication with customers and resulted in a higher conversion rate.

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